March 31, 2016

Do you want proof that your home could perform more efficiently and comfortably for your family? A tour with all the proof you’ll need is coming to a city near you!

In the fall of 2015, Grace and Corbett Lunsford presented the idea of doing a not-for-profit Proof is Possible U.S. Tour to showcase measured home performance through a series of open house tours and workshops in 20 cities across the nation. The couple (and their new, one-month old baby) will travel the nation in an energy efficient tiny house, affectionately known as the Tiny Lab, to demonstrate how homes work as a system and how improvements to a home’s performance can increase homeowner comfort, health and safety and cut wasteful spending on energy costs.

As a background, Corbett Lunsford established the Building Performance Workshop in 2009 with the goal of packaging up building performance so it can easily be understood and used by both professionals and consumers alike to create better buildings. Corbett has performed hundreds of home energy audits, hosted over 100 YouTube videos and 60 interviews and wrote the book Home Performance Diagnostics: the Guide to Advanced Testing. By his side is his wife, Grace Lunsford, who founded the Sterling Rock Productions media firm. Grace has served on the Boards of Directors for the Screen Actors Guild Midwest as well as the Illinois Production Alliance.

Together, Grace and Corbett aim to revolutionize the home performance market on their 20-city tour by filming episodes of the Home Diagnosis TV show, giving educational tours of their highly efficient Tiny Lab to teach about building science and also providing homeowners with an in-depth crash course on home performance and how you can solve mysterious problems in your own home.

Find out when the tour is coming to your area or one nearby by checking out the schedule below! The best way to find out what events they’re planning at each stop is to check out the duo’s Facebook and individual event pages.

The Tour will also be promoting causes near and dear to Grace and Corbett’s hearts: screening Grace’s award winning Indie film The Other One; empowering girls and young women through a web series led by Grace; and performing live music at selected tour stops.

The tour will visit the following 20 cities (with some bonus days between tour stops at select cities):

  • April 3-9 in St. Augustine, FL (Sponsored by St. Johns Housing Partnership)
  • April 17-23 in Baltimore, MD (Sponsored by BPI GoldStar Contractor Energy Services Group)
  • May 1-7 in Atlantic City, NJ (Sponsored by BPI GoldStar Contractor GreenLife Energy Solutions)
  • May 8-14 in Wilmington, DE (Sponsored by BPI GoldStar Contractor Allied Construction)
  • BONUS DAY in Rockville, MD
  • May 29-June 4in Washington, D.C. (Sponsored by BPI GoldStar Contractor ecobeco)
  • June 12-18 in Washington Township, NJ (Sponsored by BPI GoldStar Contractor Sanders Home Services)
  • June 19-25 in Princeton, NJ (Sponsored by BPI GoldStar Contractor SG Heating & Air Conditioning)
  • July 3-9 in New York City, NY (Sponsored by BPI GoldStar Contractor GreenPower Associates)
  • July 17- 23 in Rochester, NY (Sponsored by BPI GoldStar Contractor Wise Home Energy)
  • July 24-30 in Ithaca, NY (Sponsored by BPI GoldStar Contractor Zerodraft Central NY)
  • Aug. 7-13 in Cincinnati, OH (Sponsored by Energy Fitness for Homes)
  • Aug. 21-27 in Chicago, IL (Sponsored by BPI GoldStar Contractor Advanced Energy Services)
  • Sept. 4-10 in Denver, CO (Sponsored by SSP Innovations)
  • BONUS DAY in Carbondale, CO
  • Sept. 18-24 in San Diego, CA (Sponsored by United Infrared + Thermal Imaging Conference)
  • BONUS DAY in Redwood City, CA
  • Oct. 2-8 in San Francisco, CA (Sponsored by Building Energy Compliance Testing)
  • BONUS DAY in Woodland, CA
  • Oct. 16-22 in Phoenix, AZ (Sponsored by Efficiency First Arizona)
  • Nov. 6-12 in Dallas, TX (Sponsored by BPI GoldStar Contractor Advanced Energy Solutions)
  • Nov. 27-Dec. 3 in Birmingham, AL (Sponsored by Eco Three)
  • Dec. 11-17 in Raleigh, NC (Sponsored by Scientific Comfort Services)
  • Jan. 8-14, 2017 in Atlanta, GA (Courtesy of the Building Performance Workshop)

Visit the tour’s website for more information on the individual events taking place at each tour stop.

If you are interested in learning more about home performance and seeing it in action, this tour is a great resource for you!

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