May 23, 2022

Efficient clothes dryer

There are many ways to bring down energy use in your home without compromising quality of life. Some of these take time and careful planning, like an air sealing and insulation retrofit to ensure the comfort of your home. But other decisions may made in a snap, often when facing a critical malfunction in your home. Most of us don’t plan to buy a new washer or range until our present one stops working!

But the decisions you make when unexpectedly buying an appliance can affect your home for years. Consider your options now, so that you’re ready to choose wisely when the time comes.

Induction Range

Natural gas and propane kitchen stoves are known to release carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and other harmful pollutants into the air. Often these chemicals exceed established guidelines for human health. Exposure to them can cause or worsen health problems, especially for young children and people with asthma and heart and lung problems. And that’s not even considering the risk of gas leaks!

When it’s time to replace your gas range, choose an induction range. Induction stoves look like an ordinary electric cooktop, but they work by heating the cookware with electromagnetism. They cook quickly, boiling water 50 percent faster than gas and electric stoves.  They don’t release combustion particulates, work well with solar installations, and provide a finely tuned cooking experience. They maintain a cool surface for reduced burns and fire hazard and are preferred by chefs for cooking speed and temperature control.

Heat pump clothes dryers

Among all the many choices in the appliance store, you might not even know that heat pump dryers are an option. But although it may sound complicated, heat pump dryers are easy to install. They have a lower risk of fire than conventional electric or gas dryers. They are 30% more efficient than gas or electric dryers and, because they dry at lower temperatures, they cause less wear and tear to your clothes. Lower your bills and preserve your delicates at once? We like it.

Heat pump water heaters

Also called hybrid electric water heaters, heat pump water heaters are 2 to 3 times more efficient than conventional electric water heaters. That means they use 70% less electricity to make the same hot water as a standard electric model! They work especially well when installed in spaces shared with heat-generating items like your furnace. ENERGY STAR rated models can save almost $300 a year and, when properly maintained, last for 10-15 years. That means you could save over $4,000 over the life of your heater!

Prepare for the Unexpected

We all get caught unprepared at times. No one wants a nasty surprise like being suddenly without a working range, dryer, or hot water heater. But by familiarizing yourself with the options now, you can be prepared to make a great decision. The right appliance can lower your home costs and improve its value. Learn more about how your home uses energy here

Kelly Carey

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Kelly Carey is Marketing and Communications Specialist for BPI. When not advancing the home performance industry she enjoys writing, live music, and enjoying the Maine outdoors with her family.

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