January 6, 2020

Taking an in-depth look at your habits is one of the most effective ways to reduce your home’s power and energy bills.  By making some simple changes, you can save yourself money.  Here are a few common mistakes to avoid that will help lower your bills.

1. Cooling or Heating When You’re Away

 When you are away, consider what energy is being used in your home. Installing a smart thermostat is a huge start to saving energy.  Smart thermostats can be pre-set to alter the temperature of your house at certain periods of the day.  This will save both heating and cooling costs, as well as energy when you are working or sleeping. 

2. Poorly Insulated Home

Many homeowners are not aware of the power of insulation. With time your home may have cracks in walls, foundation, and roof.  If the foundation cracks get wider than ⅛ inch, then it is a sign of serious foundation problems. In the case of wall cracks, if they are wider than ¼ inch that indicates an issue. Be sure to closely examine your home for any cracks that may be causing leaks and drafts.  Have an energy audit performed to identify potential issues. There are personal loans available should you need to hire a professional to improve the insulation of your home.

3. Trying to warm up or cool down Your House Instantly

Are you guilty of forcing the thermostat down or up to increase the heat or air conditioning? This process may end the discomfort faster, yet it can greatly affect your energy use and bill. Try to limit the times you change your home’s temperature drastically.  In warmer weather, try closing blinds and shades to decrease heat coming in from your windows.  In the cooler weather, be sure to reverse the direction your ceiling fans turn so that they are pushing warm air down.

4. Forgetting to change air filters

If you are not changing your air filters regularly, various air conditioner problems can arise. Dirty filters can increase your electric bill since they contain extra pollutants, causing your furnace o work harder. These dirty filters can cause health issues, especially for those who have asthma or allergies. Remember to change your filter monthly to decrease energy consumption and improve air quality.

Check your furnace warranty plan, so you can save on service costs and replacement if needed. The provider may send a technician to inspect your air filters.

5. Not considering the doors and windows

In order to make substantial progress in terms of energy-saving, make sure your windows and doors are sealed properly. Make sure your windows and door seal and lock properly to prevent warm or cool air from escaping your home and letting outside air in.

All exterior doors should be weather-stripped,  doing so will ensure that the space between your house and the door is sealed. On average, about 11% of home heat loss is actually from doors. Examining your windows and doors is a great first step in saving both energy and money.

By examining your energy usage habits, you can implement simple changes to reduce energy use and save on your bills.

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