October 7, 2019

Owning a home can be an overwhelming responsibility but putting in the effort to learn about basic maintenance and repair can equip you with the tools necessary to minimize stress, reduce costly upkeep expenses and see to it that your house remains in tip-top shape year-round.

So where should you begin to address matters of home maintenance? How can you safeguard against problems that could hurt the value of your property?

The key factors to an exceptional home maintenance strategy are initiative and organization. Learning how to divvy up jobs by seasons and establish a prioritized checklist to ensure you don't miss any essential tasks, not only makes you more efficient but allows you to spread costs to make financial burdens more manageable.

Navigate your home maintenance through the completion of these monthly and seasonal tasks.

Monthly Home Maintenance Tasks

The excitement and hassle of being a homeowner may prompt you to focus on the big tasks at hand and overlook the routine duties of home maintenance, especially as a first-time buyer. It's easy to forget about some of the smaller, regular chores, but completing these home maintenance tasks every month will greatly benefit you in the long run.

Complete these tasks on a monthly basis:

  • Check the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in your home for any obstructed filters reducing your home's air quality. Replace filters as needed.
  • Clean out your garbage disposal and trash cans thoroughly to remove odors and the possibility of bugs.
  • Inspect your electrical cords and monitor utility bills to see if any major spikes in usage were reported.
  • Test your home's smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, as well as any fire extinguishers.
  • Unclog drains, cleaning them with snakes to remove any trapped debris.

Home Maintenance Tasks for the Spring

When the bitter cold recedes and plants begin to bloom, it's time to proceed with your home maintenance tasks for the spring.

Complete these tasks on a seasonal basis in the springtime:

  • Change the filter in your air-conditioner and consider having an HVAC professional come to your home to evaluate your system.
  • Inspect your roof for damage and leaks that may have occurred over the winter.
  • Repair any cracks in your driveway or foundation.
  • Review caulking and weather stripping around your doors and windows, touching it up as needed.
  • Set aside time to plan out your strategy for landscaping and general yard care.

Home Maintenance Tasks for the Summer

Before the heat of the summer kicks in, knock out any difficult work, allowing you to enjoy the weather and remain cool indoors.

Complete these tasks on a seasonal basis in the summertime:

  • Check various indoor appliances like your dishwasher or refrigerator, assessing whether any repairs are required.
  • Dehumidify your home to remove mold or other moisture-loving allergens.
  • Prune your plants and attend to other yard care demands.
  • Review wooden decks, sealing and staining them to prevent water damage.
  • Touch up exterior paint and stain your home as needed, protecting it from peeling and rot.

Home Maintenance Tasks for the Fall

As the weather begins to cool and summer days have passed, you should begin planning out the tasks necessary for fall maintenance. Simply put, use fall as a time to get your home prepped for winter while tying up loose ends from summer. Depending on your location, winter weather can be ruthless on the exterior of your home, so confirming that it's primed for the tough months ahead will alleviate the stress on your wallet moving forward.

Complete these tasks on a seasonal basis in the fall:

  • Drain any outdoor water sources and cover them up so wintry precipitation won't cause damage.
  • Seal any cracks in your driveway or foundation. If water seeps into the cracks and expands upon freezing, larger cracks can form, damaging your concrete.
  • Search for any cracks or gaps in your doors and windows, caulking again if necessary.
  • Throughout the season and especially toward the end of it, clean out your gutters. Clogged gutters can prohibit precipitation from draining, which could end up damaging your roof.
  • Winterize your exterior, aerating your lawn and bringing in plants to prevent frost damage.

Home Maintenance Tasks for the Winter

Winter weather can cause a number of problems for your home, with below-freezing temperatures harming your pipes and winter precipitation damaging your roof. To prevent extensive harm, you'll want to tend to several items.

Complete these tasks on a seasonal basis in the wintertime:

  • Check your basement for leaks or water damage during thaws.
  • Clean the drains in your home.
  • Inspect your roof for any damage or debris after winter storms.
  • Since the holidays will demand more use of your stove, clean the kitchen exhaust hood and air filter.
  • Vacuum your refrigerator and freezer coils, cleaning drip trays as well.

Structure Your Tasks in a Manageable Schedule

As a homeowner, taking responsibility for the care and service of your property is imperative. Remaining attentive to the well-being of your house benefits your own investment and security, rewarding you with a pleasant living space.

Through a commitment to prioritized checklists for home maintenance, you will develop the confidence and knowledge to easily manage tasks, rapidly transforming from an anxious beginner to an assertive expert.

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