November 30, 2020

Green technology isn’t just a trend. It’s an investment in the future, so it’s natural that people are starting to look for green features when buying a home.

If other homes in the area have these features but yours doesn’t, you could end up losing to the homes that do. Do some research into homes in your area to see if they have the features below. If they don’t, adding these to your house can help set it apart from the rest and make it sell faster.

Top Eco-Friendly Home Renovations Buyers Are Looking For

New Energy Star Appliances

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms to optimize when selling a home. Replacing old kitchen appliances with efficient Energy Star appliances will help to set you apart from the competition.

According to Home Appraising Group, real estate appraisers Philadelphia, “As a rule, the best ROI from renovating a home comes in the kitchen. One recent study revealed that putting $20,000 into a kitchen remodel would add about $17,500 to the value of the home – or about an 88% return on investment.” Focus on the refrigerator and dishwasher if you need to choose what to upgrade. Buyers will be looking for these to be top-quality.

Energy Star isn’t limited to your kitchen either. You can also get an Energy Star HVAC system to reduce heat and cooling costs. Keep an eye out for special rebates if you’re worried about the cost.

New Windows

You can even get Energy Star windows. These are available because most of your heating and cooling loss is due to leaks around your windows. Energy Star windows make sure you lose as little hot or cold air as possible.

New windows help to make your HVAC system even more efficient. This is recommended when selling your home in general but choosing Energy Star windows can help boost the value of your home even more.

Smart Technology

You can boost your efficiency even more by incorporating smart home technology into your renovations. Smart thermostats and lighting systems do a great job of cutting energy consumption by setting schedules and turning things off when they’re not being used.

And if you haven’t switched to LED bulbs yet, make sure all your bulbs are switched. They use significantly less energy and last significantly longer than incandescent bulbs. They even last a bit longer than compact fluorescent bulbs, and they provide brighter light that doesn’t flicker.

Your water system can even benefit from smart technology. A sensor can be installed by the water meter that will alert you when changes in pressure occur. That way, you can check for leaks and fix them quickly, cutting down on water waste.

Efficient Water Systems

You can save additional water by replacing your toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers with low-flow variants. Freshwater is one of our most precious resources; we should take every step we can to make the best use of it.

Prestige Plumbing says, “Low flow plumbing fixtures are designed to limit the amount of water they expel. Generally, they lower flow rates of showerheads from around 5.5 gallons per minute (GPM) to 2.5 GPM, faucets from 2.5 GPM to 1.5 GPM, and toilets from 3.5 GPM to 1.6 GPM.” Throughout the course of the day, that can really add up.

Homebuyers won’t want to make these upgrades themselves. Do the job for them, and you’ll end up with more money in your pocket when you sell your house.

Solar Power

Sustainable energy is the future, and that means most of the appliances and gadgets in your house will soon be powered by electricity instead of oil and gas. Why not create some of that electricity yourself?

If you’re looking for a boost in home value, you’ll need to be able to afford to purchase solar panels yourself, even if you need to take out a loan to do it. Leased panels will likely have the opposite effect because the buyer will need to take over the lease. This is a long-term plan to boost your home’s value rather than a short-term plan. 

The country is changing rapidly, and solar panels could be the norm in the next 10 years. If you’re looking that far into the future, solar panels are a good investment to boost the value of your home. Even if the panels need to be replaced when new technology is released years later, the infrastructure will at least exist.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Landscaping is a short-term plan you can put together that is affordable and eco-friendly. Trees can cool your house in the summer and keep it warm in the winter and grading your lawn in the right direction can keep water from entering your home.

You can also plant a garden that requires less water so that it doesn’t need to be watered as often. You can take it to an extreme by xeriscaping if your location is prone to droughts. This technique uses cacti, succulents, and other plants that don’t need much water.

Stones can be used around the edge of the house as well. This is a good idea whether or not you live somewhere that is prone to droughts or floods. If there’s a drought, it means there is less grass that needs water. If you live somewhere that flooding is common, the water can soak through the rocks quickly and deep into the ground before it gets to your house.

Most people won’t be able to do all of these things. Pick a few that make the most sense for your home and fit your budget. What eco-friendly renovations are you considering before selling your house? Let us know in the comments below!


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