July 6, 2021

Household bugs are a very common occurrence in the average American home. In fact, a typical household is believed to contain up to 100 different species of insects, arthropods and spiders. A recent study conducted by researchers from the California Academy of Science found that there is not much any homeowner can do to completely rid their home of bugs. Ants, spiders, roaches, mosquitoes, and other creepy crawlies have been living inside human living spaces for more than 20,000 years, and seemingly aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, regardless of how often you sweep, mop, wipe, and vacuum. Although it may be impossible to get rid of all the uninvited guests in a home, it is possible to garner a greater understanding of the various household insects, including how to get rid of the dangerous ones in an eco-friendly manner. 

Not all household insects pose a threat

When it comes to household insects, it is important to remember that not all pose a threat to your home or your own personal health and safety. It is, therefore, vital to know exactly what type of bug you're dealing with. There are, for instance, close to 4,000 species of spiders in the USA. While certain spiders, like the brown recluse or black widow, do pose a danger to humans and animals, other species are completely harmless - the daddy long legs is a good example of this. In fact, having a few spiders in your house can help keep other pests such as flies and mosquitoes at bay. Other beneficial insects that may make their way into your house include bees, butterflies, praying mantises and ladybugs.

Identify your enemies swiftly 

As much as household insects may contribute to the environmental diversity, some bugs can pose a risk to both a house and its inhabitants. Termites are considered to be one of the most destructive insects in the world, and cause billions of dollars of damage in the USA every year. Apart from feeding on wood, termites are also known to destroy insulation, books, and swimming pool filters. While roaches are undoubtedly creepy, they are not known to cause severe structural damage to the wood, brick and cement found in a house. They can, however, pose a range of other risks. Roaches carry up to 33 different types of bacteria, which can pose a threat to both humans and pets. Additionally, roaches can also exacerbate allergies, spoil food, and wreak havoc with floorboards, insulation and electrics.

Always opt for eco-friendly solutions 

When ridding your house of potentially dangerous insects and other bugs, it is essential to always take an eco-friendly approach. One of the simplest and most effective ways to rid your home of insects is to prevent them from coming indoors in the first place. Ensure that all access points to the house, including windows, doors, chimneys, vents, and pipes, are regularly checked and treated with an eco-friendly insect repellent. You can further deter pests from taking over your home by making it as inhospitable as possible. Clean your home regularly, and make sure you don’t leave any food or water out that can attract roaches, flies, and ants. Many insects can be deterred with homemade solutions using common household ingredients such as water, soap, lemon juice, sugar, and vinegar. Termite infestations may be harder to get rid of, and might necessitate calling in a professional exterminator, who will solve your problem in a sustainable manner. 

Insects, whether outside or indoors, form a very valuable part of our ecosystem. When bugs can potentially cause damage to a house or impact the health and wellbeing of humans, however, they can either be repelled or exterminated using eco-friendly measures.

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