March 2, 2020

Homeowners want to take pride in where they live. You stay on top of your yard work, have inspections done on your home every year and routinely clean every room, all to keep your home as comfortable as possible.

The goal of everything you do as a homeowner is to maintain your property, but it’s probably not your only motivation. You might also want to save money, improve your health or help the earth. You can do all three if you look around your home and capitalize on opportunities to use natural light.

The Environmental Benefits of Natural Light

The more natural light you have, the less you'll flip on your light switches. This simple design tip can reduce your home’s potential to consume energy that would otherwise increase your carbon footprint. Imagine the energy impact you could make by keeping electric lights off for just one hour longer each day.

Plus, natural light can help control heat in your home. The support will keep your heating system from running overtime in cool seasons. This can save you money on your utility bills and prevent you from contributing to the environmental pollution created around the world every day.

The Health Benefits of Natural Light

Natural light does more than reduce your electricity bills. It can also make an impact on mental and physical health outcomes.

There is evidence that sunlight improves some symptoms of depression. Anyone who has experienced seasonal affective disorder will understand the impact this condition can have on your daily routine. An increase in exposure to sunlight boosts your serotonin production, which gives you more energy and focus.

Some studies indicate physical health benefits, too. A moderate amount of sunlight, such as that which filters through your windows, may improve skin conditions like psoriasis. UVB rays have immunosuppressive effects you won't get from artificial light. Plus, the vitamin D sunlight provides has several important functions in your body.

Are you convinced? Check out these easy tips to bring more natural light into your home. You and your household will enjoy the benefits of natural lighting while you save money, help your health and make the world a greener place at the same time.

1. Repaint Your Walls

Are you hoping to refresh your design choices? Painting is a big job, but it can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your space. Think about the color you choose for your home and consider going with a lighter shade.

Current design trends include rooms painted in white or a light cream color. There’s a practical reason for this magazine-friendly aesthetic. These colors are easy to match with most interior design schemes and they also make your home feel bigger by reflecting natural light.

Dark paint has pigments that absorb the natural light that enters your home. This automatically makes any room feel smaller and appear darker. A quick paint job could fix the problem if you feel your space is cramped and dark.

2. Hang More Mirrors

Another trick to light your home naturally is to hang more mirrors in the darkest areas. The mirrors reflect the light and bounce it across your home, drawing it into areas that may otherwise need artificial lighting.

3. Clean Your Windows

It might be time to clean the inside and the outside of all your windows if you notice natural light can't get in. Dirt and grime build up on both sides of windows, reducing how much light gets through.

There’s no need to head to the store to spend money on chemical cleaners. Instead, you can make a natural cleaner with supplies you likely already have in your kitchen.

4. Buy Sheer Curtains

Clean windows and mirrors can only work so much magic. Heavy fabric window treatments can prevent any light from making it into your home at all.

Maximize your home's light by buying sheer curtains. This won’t be ideal for more private areas, like the bedroom, but can be a great choice for a home office or kitchen. Choose the areas you spend the most time in so you can soak up the benefits of extra sunlight each day.

5. Install Glass Doors

Don't have many windows? Install a glass door to any exterior door on your home.  This will allow you to leave your main doors open and still keep the bugs out while you enjoy the natural lighting.

Bring More Natural Light  intoYour Home

Try something new to bring more natural light into your home. These steps don’t just improve the aesthetic qualities of your home, after all.

A bit of extra effort will improve your health, save you money and help the environment all at the same time.

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