May 10, 2018

Missouri is a state with a housing stock that is ripe for home performance projects. (Per the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the average Missouri home is between 30 and 40 years old. There are many homes, like mine, that are well over 100 years old.) Especially with this aging housing stock, energy efficiency projects can reduce energy bills and improve indoor environmental quality.

Though Missouri does not have statewide energy codes or residential energy efficiency programs, such programs do exist on the local level. With a little diligence, contractors and their customers (homeowners) can put together a good project that takes advantage of available rebates, tax deductions, and financing options.

As a homeowner, you should ask the following questions when considering a home performance project in Missouri:

  • Does my utility have rebates/incentives I can use on my project?
  • Can I combine gas and electric rebates to cover a new furnace and/or air conditioner?
  • Is my auditor registered with the state so I can qualify for the tax deduction?
  • How do I connect with a BPI Certified Professional?
  • If I need financing, what options are available?

Empire District, Liberty Utilities, and Columbia Water and Light have rebate programs that qualify as Home Performance with ENERGY STAR projects. Spire (formerly Laclede Gas) helps support outreach for home performance in the St. Louis area. Ameren Missouri, KCP&L, and other utilities have rebate programs that should be considered, as applicable, when an energy efficiency project is being considered.

Missouri is also an early adopter of residential PACE programs – a financing option not available in most states at this time. This can also be combined with utility incentives. Some utilities have financing options as do some banks and credit unions.

Just like an initial home energy audit will reveal the best options for improvements, so will doing your research/due diligence on the rebate, financing, and contractor options in your area will reveal the best options and combinations for your project.

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