December 21, 2015

Homeowner Nat Ridder describes his experience using a BPI certified professional to make his Denver home more comfortable.

My wife and I recently purchased a new home in Denver. Built in 1896, it came as no surprise that our new abode was far from energy efficient. The fact of the matter is the house retained heat like a strainer retains water. With an astronomical heating bill in mind, my wife and I "thought" the trick would be to install new energy efficient windows. However, unless one has $40,000 at their disposal, buying new windows for an old brick house might sound SEXY, but as we learned, sexy does not equal efficient. The combination of another MONSTER energy bill with the sticker shock of installing new windows resulted in a late night visit to the BPI website. As it turned out, it was the sexiest decision we could have made.

It is through the website that we found Joe. Joe Hall, a BPI certified professional with Joe Hall Energy Consulting, LLC was polite, knowledgeable, and most of all, helpful. He told us where we needed to spend our money and why. He even went as far as walking us through the house and showing my wife and I the biggest problem areas. Ironically, in using his infrared camera to identify heat loss, he showed us that our windows were actually quite efficient and really would have been a completely unnecessary investment. Simply put, he did not just tell us what we needed to do, he showed us, and therefore educated us.

Three months after our visit from Joe, I'm happy to report we won't be buying SEXY windows. Instead, we put our funds toward better insulation. This decision was based on a detailed energy audit report from Joe. Joe’s report, which we received in PDF form within 48 hours of his visit, made it clear that insulation was undoubtedly the most efficient improvement we could make. This improvement saved our family money. These savings are now being directed toward updating our outdated heating system – another recommendation made by Joe. We plan to replace our old boiler with a new boiler within the next year.

Needless to say, our experience with BPI saved us money. Our heating bill appears to be about 10% less. Our home is also far more comfortable. We no longer have to make a fire to keep us warm and we no longer feel that our young son is at risk of being cold at night now that he has insulation above his room. And most importantly, due to BPI and Joe, we now know how to make our house sexy in its efficiency.

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