April 18, 2018

Efficiency Vermont offers Home Performance with ENERGY STAR as an incentive-based program to improve insulation and air sealing, plus heating and ventilation systems, to ensure safety and health.

First, a participating contractor assesses the home. At the customer's discretion, the assessment can also include a comprehensive report that outlines where the house is losing energy. Then, the contractor recommends a prioritized plan of improvements, and customers choose the ones they'd like to make. Once work is completed, customers can receive rebates of up to $2,000 to help cover the cost of the improvements.

We recommend customers work with a professional to make a big impact

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR projects use a whole-home approach to provide the most savings and greatest comfort. In Vermont, customers start by finding a BPI-Certified Efficiency Excellence Network contractor. Only Efficiency Excellence Network contractors can:

  • Conduct specific energy loss tests to help identify and prioritize improvements
  • Perform energy upgrades, completing work in stages or all at once
  • Ensure health and safety by testing air quality and whether your heating system is emitting carbon monoxide
  • Help connect Vermonters with Efficiency Vermont to receive a rebate of up to $2,000, plus an additional rebate if you install an energy efficient heating system at the same time
  • Provide access to Heat Saver Loan financing, which allows you to finance your project witha low or no-interest loan

Efficiency Vermont promotes why good air sealing and insulation matters

Making a home energy efficient will transform the way the occupants feel inside their home. They will also have to do less to keep their home cozy and warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Jessica and Kevin from Bennington, Vermont shared their experience with their Home Performance with ENERGY STAR project: "Our home now tends to stay at a livable 65 F degrees, even with the heat way down. Kevin and I feel that our place is truly buttoned up. This project is one of the best gifts we have given to each other."

On average, homeowners reduce their energy bills by about 20%, which equates to hundreds of dollars in savings each year.

A family in Windham, Vermont shared that they now need to use much less firewood, a savings of about $325 a year on heating costs, after completing Home Performance with ENERGY STAR improvements.

Air quality is also important to home occupants’ health. Airborne particles cause poor air quality, which can aggravate asthma, allergies, and other health problems. Controlling air leakage and updating ventilation improves the quality of the air in a home.

Find more information on the Vermont Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program on the Efficiency Vermont website.

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