February 8, 2018

Focus on Energy helps homeowners across Wisconsin enjoy greater comfort and energy savings. By partnering with Wisconsin utilities and Trade Ally contractors, Focus on Energy provides incentives of up to $2,250 for energy-efficient upgrades through its Home Performance Program. Customers choose from one of three easy paths: Whole Home Improvements, Heating and Cooling Improvements, and Renewable Energy.

Whole Home Improvements path

The Whole Home Improvements path is the perfect starting point for customers just beginning to learn about home energy efficiency. This path provides a blueprint for comfort that starts with a home energy assessment, performed by a BPI-certified Trade Ally contractor. Partnering Trade Ally contractors look for common issues such as drafts, moisture build-up, and air and water leaks, they also inspect homeowners insulation levels, HVAC equipment, appliances, and more.

After the assessment, a detailed report with recommended improvements and available incentives is provided. The contractor will be ready to assist from installation all the way through applying for incentives. Included in the report is a Home Energy Score, which lets the homeowner compare their home's energy efficiency with others. Participants in the Whole Home Improvements path can typically see their utility bills drop by 20%or more.

Heating and Cooling Improvements path

Customers who are not quite ready for the Whole Home approach, but want to take smaller steps to lower energy bills and increase home comfort choose the Heating and Cooling Improvements path. It offers financial incentives for a variety of efficiency improvements, like a new furnace, boiler, or smart thermostat. Customers can move forward with one project at a time or earn even greater incentives when they choose from packaged options. Completing a Whole Home Improvements project along with a heating system replacement can maximize comfort and energy savings while also netting an additional $250 bonus on top of the standard incentives.

Renewable Energy path

Customers looking to power their efficient home with clean energy, the Renewable Energy path is recommended. Through this path, customers receive technical support and incentives from $650 to $2,000 for installing solar electric or geothermal renewable energy systems.

No matter which path is choosen, certified Focus on Energy Trade Ally contractors are there to help customers complete their projects. Trade Allies receive specialized training and have access to program incentives and resources that set them apart from other contractors.

Learn more about the Home Performance Program at focusonenergy.com/myhome.

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