November 1, 2018

Homes are built from the ground up, starting with a foundation. Every home has one, whether it's of the slab, basement, or crawlspace variety. Aside from keeping your home above ground, your foundation also insulates against cold weather, keeps out moisture, and should last forever (or at least the duration of time your home is sitting on it!). This begs the question: do you know how healthy your home's foundation is?

How to tell if your foundation is healthy

Did you know that the average weight of a home is 50 tons, or 100,000 pounds? That's a large load to bear. To keep everything above it intact, check often to see how your foundation is holding up. You should step outside and perform a visual inspection, looking for the following potential issues:

  • Cracks: Not all cracks are cause for alarm; many are due to the natural settling of a home. However, if a crack has expanded, or you see deep fissures that weren’t there the last time you checked, you may have foundation damage.
  • Moisture: Does water pool near the side of your house? Standing water can weaken the foundation and cause the soil around it to expand.
  • Foliage: Landscaping can increase your curb appeal, but adding a deep-rooted tree or bush right near your home could result in the roots shifting or cracking the foundation. Plants with smaller, less invasive roots can be safely planted near your home.

Once you've visually inspected your foundation, you might consider whether it's in need of repair. Take this quiz to help you with next steps:

Shop around to find a company that is skilled in foundation repair to check out and fix your foundation issues. You can do an internet search in your area for terms like "foundation repair contractor near me" to see who's available near you, at the right cost.

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