"American Western sealed, insulated, and completed efficiency tests (blower door test and infrared camera) on my 97-year old house. Upon completion of the work, I noticed that my house was much more comfortable. I can now set my thermostat at a comfortable temperature without worrying about my gas and electric bills. Prior to hiring American Western, I had estimates done by three companies. I hired American Western because their assessment of my house was more detailed and they were willing to insulate my floors. That required that they work from the crawl space! I was not disappointed in their work. They obviously care about doing a good job and paid attention to details throughout the project. At one point they stopped working because they discovered that electrical upgrades that had been done in my attic were done incorrectly. This allowed me to resolve these potentially dangerous problems before insulation was blown in. I was also impressed with their honesty and willingness to show me what they were doing at all stages of work. When they discovered that they couldn't access the kitchen crawl space, they advised me of the situation and were willing to show me exactly what the problem was. I feel confident that they understood the intricacies of working on an older home and worked to get me the best results. If I needed any further work done on my home, I wouldn't hesitate to call them."