“We are Joan and Brandon Booth owners of a 150-year old home that we run as a bed and breakfast. After a significant cold spell in November 2014 we discovered that a few rooms in our house could not get above 50 degrees and the heat pump struggled to get up to our request of 65 degrees on the thermometer.  

We knew we needed professional support when the auxiliary heat was stuck on for 3 days straight. We called National Heating and Air based on a referral from a relative and Jonny came out the same day to assess our situation. He saw the seriousness of our situation and scheduled an audit. In a timely manner, the gentlemen of National removed all the old insulation, foam sealed the attics, and reapplied new insulation. They also went above the call of duty by removing other stuff in the attic (snake skins, old ductwork that was unattached and left to sit in the attic) in order to do the best job. They were courteous, very mindful to keep our house clean (wearing booties, etc.), and communicative. We are quite a distance from their company, yet that didn’t keep them from applying every resource they felt needed (trucks and equipment) to complete the job.

Now, our house feels warmer and the space heaters we have in the rooms with heat do a much better job keeping rooms at at least 60 degrees. Though we are not finished (we need those mini-splits), we are confident that once National completes their services for us we and our guests will comfortable in our home and we will see lower energy bills."