Margo and Eric Shuff complained about their home being colder than usual in the winter. And it was. In particular, the floors were freezing in the kitchen and it made the home very uncomfortable. They tried to adjust the heat to accommodate the low temperatures which made their heating bills skyrocket.

Energy Audit Results

The Shuff family contacted a BPI GoldStar Contractor to do an evaluation of their home and assess the potential for any work that may need to be done. It was found that the crawl space needed to be insulated. And, the cold floors were a result of the lack of insulation in the basement.


A BPI GoldStar Contractor performed a full retrofit for the Shuffs, including air sealing all of the open areas in the home and basement. They installed cellulose insulation in the eternal walls of the house, spray foam to crawl spaces and basement rim joints as well as cellulose to the open attic. This combination of insulation ensured that the best and most cost-effective solutions was used. A plastic vapor barrier installed in the crawlspace was key to ensuring the cold floors in the kitchen and the rest of the house would be drastically improved.

Project Outcome

The improvements to the home were immediately evident. The family was comfortable in the space and were delighted by the unexpected benefits of a house that was not only warmer, more efficient, and healthier; but also much quieter after the insulation was installed and blocked out street noise.

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