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December 30, 2015

Even if you set your New Year's resolutions with the best of intentions, how often do they stick? We all do it vow to be a new person in the new year, but find that the luster has worn off by February or March. What if you set a goal that constantly [...]

December 21, 2015

Homeowner Nat Ridder describes his experience using a BPI certified professional to make his Denver home more comfortable.Three months after our visit from Joe, I'm happy to report we won't be buying SEXY windows. Instead, we put our funds [...]

December 15, 2015

Now that the December holidays are around the corner, I find myself reflecting on 2015 and wondering what 2016 will bring. One of the reasons I feel so passionate about home performance is that twenty years ago my youngest child came into the [...]

December 9, 2015

Here is where BPI comes in handy! We certify the energy professional who assesses your home for energy saving opportunities, verifying through written and field practical exams that he/she has the knowledge, skills and abilities to diagnose [...]

December 2, 2015

Hidden gaps and cracks in your home can let in as much air as leaving a window open year-round. This leakage and other inefficiencies can account for 30% of your home's heating and cooling costs!Your house, like your car, is a systemYou understand [...]