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October 17, 2018

Water is one of the most important things that comes into and goes out of your house. The amount of water your household uses impacts resources elsewhere such as the water supply. The quality of water that leaves your home also can impact resources [...]

October 10, 2018

"It's raining hard out there. I should check the basement. Oh, good golly!" Sound familiar? Is there really any such thing as a waterproof basement?On our first visit to our current home five years ago, it was clear that the basement [...]

October 2, 2018

How many of you are like me? I'm the person who bought a house based on how it looked. I picked out the counters, the floors, the colors, etc. I looked up the insulation levels and saw R-38 and R-19 and thought I was doing great.Frankly, I [...]