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March 31, 2016

Do you want proof that your home could perform more efficiently and comfortably for your family? A tour with all the proof you'll need is coming to a city near you!In the fall of 2015, Grace and Corbett Lunsford presented the idea of doing [...]

March 21, 2016

In my first two articles, I've discussed some diagnostics and summarized the "house-as-a-system" and home performance concept. Before I get into more diagnostics and other industry specifics, let me address the heart of the entire [...]

March 11, 2016

Ever wonder why your home has those persistently hot or cold rooms that seem impossible to cool down or heat up? The building science answer is Heat Transfer. Heat transfer in a home all boils down to the two laws of thermodynamics, which is [...]

March 4, 2016

Follow along with our "Life as an Energy Auditor" blog series to learn all about the ins and outs of getting a home energy audit. Why should you consider having one done on your home? What is included in an energy audit? How much does [...]