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September 19, 2018

Georgia is well-known for its peaches, peanuts, and pecans and its hot, humid summer days that stretch well into the fall months. Georgia residents could benefit greatly from energy efficiency (EE) rebates and incentives that help keep buildings [...]

September 14, 2018

It is an old saying that humans can go three minutes without breathing, three days without water, and three weeks without food. Air, water, and food are necessities for us and should be as available and as clean as possible.Water pollution [...]

September 13, 2018

We've talked before on this blog about Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms. Another thing you need to have in your house are working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Working is key! This past spring, my colleague, Quinn Korzeniecki, and I joined [...]

September 13, 2018

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. So, what if I told you that, even if your home isn't in a flood zone and you aren't required to get flood insurance, your home could still get flooded? It's a scary thought, [...]

September 13, 2018

When we take our car or truck to a mechanic, we expect, or at least believe, that the individual diagnosing and making repairs is a specialist on motor vehicles. This same principle applies to contractors performing work on your home. BPI Certified [...]

September 6, 2018

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is essential for a healthy office environment. However, as modern buildings have become more efficient, they have also become more airtight, increasing the potential for poor IAQ. Health and productivity can take a [...]