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June 22, 2016

This article was originally posted on Pro Remodeler and has been lightly edited.There is a lot of confusion around how to treat the building envelope. Despite everything that's been written about air sealing, insulation and drainage planes, [...]

June 16, 2016

In an effort to return to the more technical side of our discussion let's tackle the most obvious of features with a less obvious definition: the building envelope. Also referred to as the building "shell" or "enclosure," [...]

June 9, 2016

This article was originally posted by Pro Trade Craft and has been lightly edited.Tech Short Heating Basics from WxTV on Vimeo.This is a technical short covering the basics of heating systems: appliances, sources and distribution [...]

June 3, 2016

To make your home truly energy efficient, you should make sure it is well insulated to make it more comfortable and reduce your heating and cooling costs. Properly installed insulation reduces heat loss and gain through your home's building [...]